Creative ‘In Store’ workshop a recap

An inspiring day of learning & networking
On Sunday we hosted our very first Creative ‘In Store’ Workshop which was attended by 17 lovely ladies and one very lucky gentleman! We are delighted to say the day was a great success – new friendships were made, insights and discoveries into others business were explored and lots of divine and tasty food was eaten. 

The workshop explored
 – How to select shops, apporach them and pitch right
 – Produce great catalogues and order forms
 – Pricing your products for wholesale
 – Consignment & Exclusivity 
 – Making the shop work for you to grow your brand

Just a few of the many top tips shared on the day…

// Check your pricing constantly, Research new ways to improve production time and costs to reduce your costs. You will make more money by being smart.

// Check out the stores Facebook page, Pinterest boards, blog and webpage to get more of an insight and understand the ethos of that shop.

// Say no to consignment, but have wholesale terms and conditions which are very retailer-friendly and reduce their risk.

// The worst thing to think – ‘If they want more, they’ll get in touch’.

We would like to thank our the wonderful sponsors who contributed to making the day even more amazing! We were totally blown away with the generosity of each and every one of you. Your help and contribution was truly appreciated! 
Fern Hill Hotel – At 7:30am on the day of the course I arrived at the hotel expecting to pick up, you know , a plate or two of treats for our creatives boy how I wrong as it took four extremely helpful staff to load up my car! There were tasty cocktail prego rolls, Quail egg baskets with aioli, Rose macaroons, miniature brandy snaps and more! 
Nadia van der Mescht – We were honored to have Nadia sponsor her little notebooks and also give her insight and input into making a creative business work. 
Rondavel Soaps – Delicious smelling soaps wrapped in exclusive Ruby Orchard packaging. Thank You! 

Wedgewood Nougat – Tea time wouldn’t have been the same without Angel biscuits and nougat. Delicious!

Consol – Cute little water bottles kept all our students hydrated throughout the day.

Clever Bird banter – All our students were treated to a 25% discount voucher off Andrea’s very beautiful graphic design work.

We are still in the process of finalising more Workshop dates for later in 2014 – if you are interested in a spot please email us on

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