Preserving the past

We have been spending more and more time at building demolition sites reclaiming the timber that is fallen, broken, cast aside and left for dead.

As I walk through the piles of ceiling boards, beams and roof trusses all I can imagine is a bench for my veranda, a stunning consol for a hallway or a server that would stand as a statement in any home. The wood shows a lifetime of character and aged beauty, so authentic it has to be shared and brought back to life.

At The Ruby Orchard we now have some great wood! It has characteristics that tell a story of the blood, sweat, and tears of those who built the structures. Every reclaimed workbench we find has the scars of hard work and we are doing things a little bit differently in an attempt to stay with the present and preserve the past.

Our furniture range is growing in popularity and our skills and eye for detail are improving with every piece we make and restore, but they don’t hang around for long before they get snapped up.

Here is my Spring 2014 Inspiration and the style you are likely to see at The Ruby Orchard during the next few months.

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