10 Uses for the Skinny La Minx soft buckets

Here at The Ruby Orchard, we love our Skinny La Minx products!  We have cushions and purses and stash bags and tea towels and …. soft buckets!   What is a soft bucket you ask?  Well, a soft bucket is exactly  that – a soft, fabric bucket!  It has so many different uses, we decided to put together our top ten for you, so read on and be inspired:

1.  To put your pot plants in // 2.  A pretty loo roll holder// 3.  A desk tidy// 5.  A Bread ‘basket’//
6.  A place to keep all your craft materials // 7.  A place to store kiddie’s small toys  //8.  A tidy for your sewing or knitting
9.  A tidy for all your phone chargers // 10. The perfect hiding place for your secret chocolate stash!  🙂

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