Want to get your products seen by a shop owner?… here’s what not to do!

Every week I receive numerous emails and creatives drop in and ask if I would be interested in stocking their products.  Our shop wouldn’t be what it is without the brilliant creatives who supply us. Every piece tirelessly created with passion and soul needs careful consideration before I place an order.  Approaching a shop and making a first and lasting impression is your first step to building a brilliant relationship with me, the shop owner!

Here I explain my two biggest what NOT to dos!

1// Turning up unannounced with a box full of your handmade goodies to show me… my first no, no and here is why…

With a busy 3 year old, my time in store is precious and is often filled with meetings, to do lists and working with The Ruby Orchard staff to organise daily tasks. Just turning up throws my organised day into chaos, leaving me less likely to place an order.

It is important customers feel relaxed and inspired and get my full attention when I’m in store. If I am busy viewing your goods I feel torn and may overlook your goodies that deserve my undivided attention.

Discussing your wholesale prices and minimum order quantities on the shop floor gives customers a peek behind the scenes of a shop.  It might be ok if you’re the only other person in the shop, but as soon as customers walk in I will feel uncomfortable.

By turning up at my till with a box of samples and expecting me to make an immediate decision, I feel like I am being put on the spot. If your work isn’t my cup of tea, or I don’t think it will work in my shop, I often find it hard to tell you to your face.  If your lovely things are a good fit for my shop, I want to have a good think about them before I put my order together.

So, call first – find out my name, get my contact details, ask if you can make an appointment.  I can then put time aside for you and give you my undivided attention and peruse your products at my leisure.

2// My second no, no – Drop a box of samples off at the shop for me to view in my own time.

This can be such a nuisance, I have to find somewhere to put them, make sure they doesn’t get lost, stolen, broken or accidentally squashed, and then get back in touch with you to arrange its safe return.  Yes, it will expose me to your products, but I want to meet you, I want to know how they are created, the creative thoughts behind them, the products used and why I should stock them.

So, pick up the phone get an appointment when suits you and me.  Then ask if you can email further details, pictures, catalogues so I can have a glance before you arrive.  We hope to see you soon!

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