Buying furniture… Man Vs Woman

The nest maker looks lovingly at the items, her mind places them in the home and dresses them with vases of flowers, photos and trinkets. The practical man-mind eyes the items up and down from a distance, pretending not to be interested. The nest maker turns ‘I just love it, its perfect, just what we have been looking for’! Now the battle commences…

Men Vs Women

What she says…
It’s divine
That hole gives it such character
It’s a one off piece
It’s worth every Rand, it’s an investment
It’s going to be great as a server when we have the whole family for meals
I love the old original peeling paint, such a rustic look
I can fill the bottom shelf with baskets and store blankets and other things

What he says…
I could make that
Why does it have a hole in it?
It won’t fit through the front door
How are we going to get it home?
It’s going to fill the whole dining room
It looks like it needs the paint stripping off it
Has this wood been treated?


We stock a large range of furniture and see this battle time and time again… don’t worry… you and I know who wins it!

Some amazing furniture being delivered next week… watch this space!

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