A Gallery wall

The Ruby Orchard picture frames made by our team from reclaimed timber, old floor boards and oregon ceiling boards are one of our best selling products.  We try and keep a large range in store for you to choose from in standard pictures sizes, but we can make to order in any size you’d like.  It usually takes about a week, just drop us an email with your sizes and we’ll send you a quote.


Picture galleries are a beautiful way to display photos, prints, art and quotes that you love.  A feature wall covered in frames can make a real impact in a room.  Here are some of my top tips for creating a beautiful gallery wall 1) Don’t be afraid to mix frame styles – rustic and old next to shiny and new can work  2) Paint the gallery wall with a dark colour to make the pictures and frames stand out 3) Mix photos, prints and art  4)Don’t make it too symmetrical… random is good  5) Get the pictures hung straight, wonky is not so cool!  6) Picture shelves are great if you dont want to drill a tonne of holes in your walls, you can also change the photos and layout whenever you want.




We have more ideas and all these images available on our Pinterest board – ‘Inspiration – Picture walls’.

Share your gallery walls with us,  we’d love to see them!





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