Faux real?!

Artificial plants and greenery have always had a bit of a bad reputation on the interiors scene.  Many feel they are just a little bit tacky, but I have grown to love them.  Faux plants are no longer like the dusty blooms your grandma had!  Over the last few years I have seen many tastefully and extremely realistic-looking ones come onto the market.  You just have to look carefully for the really good ones, investing in a quality one is so worth it.  Check out how these stunning spaces are brightened with faux greenery.



Just a few reasons for getting some fakes for your place…

  • You can bend petals, stems and branches to make them look exactly how you’d like.
  • They are low maintenance, no worrying about watering and feeding – just dust!
  • You can mix them in with live greenery and fresh plants so it is much harder to tell the real from the fake!
  • Potted trees work so well in corners of rooms, hallways and to fill empty spaces.
  • They are child friendly  = no mess!
  • They add colour and texture to any room.
  • It is cheaper in the long term, especially if you are anything like me and purchase fresh plants often only for them to perish!
  • They are a good solution for dark areas, bathrooms and laundry rooms, where nothing will grow.


All of these artificial plants are available in store at The Ruby Orchard… see you soon!

To find the source of the inspiration images – hop over to our pinterest board – Faux Plant Love.



  1. Christy Wighton on 22 September 2018 at 7:12 am

    Hi do you have an online shop?

  2. Christy Wighton on 22 September 2018 at 7:14 am

    Hi do you have an online shop? I live in johannesburg

  3. The Ruby Orchard on 11 January 2020 at 10:21 am

    We cannot put all of our products online. We have such limited stock. Please drop us an email with the items you are interested in and we can arange delivery via our courier. info@therubyorchard.co.za

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