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2018 is here! Are you ready?!

The start of a new year is a chance to make changes, strive forward, plan from your previous year and move your business to the next level!  For small business owners the start of new year means serious action planning and making decisions about the business direction for the next 12 months.  To assist all those businesses out there ready to take that next step I have put my head together with the Hooray workshop ladies and designed an interactive workshop for you to kick start your 2018!

Every single day I have creative business owners, product makers and small start up businesses contact me and ask if I’ll stock their products at The Ruby Orchard, as soon as I start talking wholesale prices, MOQ (minimum order quantities), catalogues, order sheets etc many seem so ensure about what to do and just how it works selling to shops! Let’s Talk Shop will teach business owners, product makers, store owners and anyone in the industry about wholesaling products to independent stores.   The day will include sessions and discussions on the below topics, and yes, we will get through it all!  The day won’t just be talk, talk, talk,  with 10 years in the classroom as a high school teacher I know this is not always effective.  The workshop will involve interactive tasks, group work and will give you some time to plan, reflect and discuss your issues and concerns with others in the industry.

Getting your products shop ready

Product appraisal / the finishing touches and packaging

Selecting the right shops

Approaching shop owners/ How to pitch to owners

Pricing products for wholesale

Catalogues, order forms and invoices / how payment works

Terms of ordering & minimum order quantities

Returns and damages policy

Consignment  – pros and cons

What is exclusivity

What to do when you get an order – the personal touches

Building great relationships with shops / making shops work for you


You don’t have to have an existing business with actual products to attend, maybe you have a product or idea you’d like to start developing, maybe you are studying or work in the retail industry.  If you have an queries about the day please get in touch with me. I hope to see you there!

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