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Meet Lisa!  The brains, creativity and visionary behind the clothing range – Indian Laundry.  We are not a clothing store, and we don’t intend to grow into a boutique clothing outlet,  however when I saw the summer range from Indian Laundry I knew our customers would love it!  We are stocking the Spring / Summer collection from Indian Laundry and love sharing the story of the brands and people behind our products.  We asked Lisa more about the business, what inspires her products and even her top movie… grab a cuppa and have a read!

1// How did your business begin? Tell us the story…

Indian Laundry began after leaving the corporate world to be more flexi with my kids, it is kind of an extension of a previous brand I owned called bourbon rose which had a similar philosophy, my passion has always been making good fitting clothing in quality fabrics that are comfortable easy to wear and stylish, creating a lifestyle for our customers.

2// Tell us about the current range, the inspiration behind it, your current favourite product.

Summer is all about holidays and having fun its my favourite season as everybody seems to really perk up after the bland winter months. We supply quite a lot of the coastal stores so its a laid back beachy kind of vibe, and of course it has to incorporate my total obsession with stripes.

3// Why should our customers buy your products?

The first thing that springs to mind is the clothes are designed to flatter your body and they are easy to wear and comfortable with quirky details which make Indian laundry unique.

4// What inspires you when designing new products / ranges?

I love denim, stripes, more Indiany inspired prints and natural fabrics i always look at the trends and try to incorporate them in a special way that makes the garments timeless and good investment pieces.

5// What are your future plans for your business and products?

I have already started exclusively printing fabrics for Indian laundry which I am particularly excited about as this helps us stand out from other clothing labels that are all buying the same fabrics from the same supply pool so you really are getting something exclusive when you buy the Indian laundry brand. It is also still on my to do list to get to India and start doing some developments from there as well.

6// What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learnt so far in your business journey?

To never give up!  It is a hard road running your own business and manufacturing and supplying on your own but if you keep focused and surround yourself with the right people I really believe anything is possible.

7// When you were younger what did you want to be when you grew up?!

In the early days to become a vet but high school was pretty much always about creating i started sewing when i was 13 and loved it.

8// About you? What’s your – Top Song? Top Food? Top beverage? Top Place? Top movie?

Hard one as I’m a Gemini so can change my mind often thank goodness i never got a tattoo, but I’m of the more mellow beachy vibe so love Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz that sort of mellow sound. Food would definitely be tapas style I love to hedge my bets and get a taste of everything else i get major FOMO.  Beverage is a no brainer it’s ice cold chardonnay all the way. Top place – I have a very soft spot for Biarritz in France where my old head office was located, but honestly anywhere with a beautiful beach, my dream is to live in a coastal village with my family  where i can walk my dogs on the beach everyday and live simply.  Top Movies will always be the good old British classics Love Actually, Notting Hill etc…

9// And lastly imagine you are heading out for dinner with a bunch of creative geniuses – who would be sitting around the table with you?

I have always wanted to meet Tricia Guild who started Designer guild originally in the 70’s her indian block prints and amazing sense of colour have always blown me away and has really inspired me. Karen Roos who owns the magnificent babelenstoren a place that captures my soul and imagination, it is too beautiful takes my breath away every time I’m lucky enough to visit.  Dick Hayne the creator and founder of the uber successful lifestyle chain  anthropologie, the first time I saw one of there stores probably about 20 years  ago in Los Angeles I got goose bumps all over, its always a must visit whenever I travel.  Food wise it would be Donna Hay for her effortless simplicity, which I consider an art in itself!


  1. Brenda pittard on 21 February 2019 at 2:05 pm

    I am trying to track a t shirt as my local shop does not have my size. Is it possible to order one? It is a navy and white stripe with a yellowish trim around the neckline. I need a medium. Thank you brenda

    • The Ruby Orchard on 21 February 2019 at 3:05 pm

      Hi Brenda, Sorry we are sold out of all our Indian Laundry stock. We are waiting for the winter range to arrive. Sorry we can’t help.

  2. Suzie Ovenstone on 14 January 2023 at 5:49 pm

    Dear Lisa
    I am interested in stocking your brand in my sore The Old House Shop in Plettenberg Bay
    I was wondering whether you might send me a catologue and prices?
    My email address is oldhouseshop @mweb.co.za
    I look forward to hearing from you

    • The Ruby Orchard on 3 February 2023 at 8:38 am


      Sorry we dont sell to other stores,

      Many Thanks for getting in touch,


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